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Note: New COVID-19 Protocols for Casting Studios and Productions

There are new safety procedures in place to keep everyone safe while productions are underway in these extraordinary times. ActSafe BC has produced an excellent guide that you can read to understand what has changed and what to expect (click here to access the guide).

With COVID safety protocols, there has been a push for safe groupings such as real families and actors/real people in their safe bubbles. So, we’re looking for┬ánatural performers & real people who love being on camera – the ‘performer’ in the family!

Pamela has assembled a kaleidoscope of unique individuals: professional actors and real people that will spark and connect in advertising campaigns.

As an agent in the film & television industry, Pamela Wise derives her income solely on commissions (15%) from talent fees and residuals.
Please only submit if you are currently not represented by another agency.
*Please note that Pamela does not represent children under the age of four. However, when those younger aged casting searches arise, we will announce them on social media.

Check Your Eligibility!

If you checked all boxes with confidence, you are eligible for submission!

Due to the volume of requests, we are not able to reply to every submission but please know that we see and appreciate your effort.

If we feel we can effectively represent you, we will contact you via email.

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